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For people who care about Catholic values, the Catholic Foundation is a great way to pass on our faith - one of the greatest of all gifts - helping build what the prophet Jeremiah called, a future full of hope. When one is thinking of leaving a legacy - a gift in perpetuity - the Catholic Foundation will ensure that it is handled consistent with the donor’s values and wishes.

The Catholic Foundation's investment objectives are pursued with consideration for Catholic moral and social guidelines. In addition, the Catholic Foundation will not make distributions or grants to charities that are not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

“It is my hope and prayer that the basic needs of our diocese can be guaranteed in perpetuity through such a foundation.”
- Bishop Paul V. Dudley - July 1987

The Catholic Foundation also works to present opportunities for people to help ministries by participating in many various special events. These events help fund important ministries for our faith and civic community.

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The Foundation
The Catholic Foundation participates with God in the building of His Kingdom on earth...

To receive God's gifts gratefully.

To cherish and tend to God's gifts in a responsible manner.

To share God's gifts in justice and love with others.

To return them with increase to the Lord.
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